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Faizal Sayed shares sentiment on teachers during talk at University

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Invited by IPSA to give a brief talk on Teachers commemorating Teacher’s Day, Faizal addressed the crowd of youth and educators on the defining role played by educators on the timeline of an individual’s life. Faizal was invited by the International Peace College of South Africa this week as part of the institutions event for teachers.

Below is the transcript:


I never have the time to prepare talks as they come one after the other. However, I thought about a few things in the car on the way to the event and really gave the role of teachers in our lives a deeper look. Here are some of the things I mentioned.

Teachers and parents are the only two that are 100 percent unconditional. They are the ones who allow you to make mistakes so you can go forward. Society does not allow that, yet it is through mistakes that we learn.

Teachers let you know that there is no such thing as mistakes because you have a supreme destiny. Just like Oprah Winfrey mentioned. There is a sepreme calling of destiny on your life. Your job is to feel that, know that and accept that. There are no such things as mistakes. A Mistake is just this thing that leads you from one thing to another so that you may reach the point where you realise that destiny.

There is a paralllel between the rest of society and teachers. The rest of society cannot wait for you to make a mistake. In the same way, teachers cannot wait for you to make a mistake too. However the difference is that society will send you to hell for the smallest thing whilst the teacher by definition of his or her existence will impart knowledge to instruct you correctly instead hence putting you back on the path to greatness.

Your teacher teaches you to become something great out there in life. You end up buying a great home and car yet many of them still live the life they did when they taught you. Humble beings burning like candles giving light to us but in the process they burn out.

Today, we just wanted to say thank you to them.



Friday, 8 October 2021

In a brief statement this week, it was announced that The Faizal Sayed Show has gone into production of the new season. The series was on a break due to Faizal’s contraction of Covid-19 and subsequent hospitalisation in Cairo, Egypt. During the time thousands of messages and an outpouring of support has led to the rather prompt return to the program as soon as Faizal indicated that he was ready to return.

The new season sees a broad range of topics along with new distribution channels through Africa and other continents. The statement revealed that Faizal will be filming two episodes a week for the next few weeks and eventually return to a daily schedule during week days only. Episodes can be viewed online too on


Tuesday, 8 June 2021

South African-based NPO, Truth Collective South Africa (TCSA) is set to leave next week with a delegation to deliver much-needed medical supplies to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. Within days approximately R900,000.00 has been collected.  The Israeli Forces have wreaked havoc of late leaving the region in dire need of supplies hence the active response from TCSA. 

Palestinian living in South Africa and CEO of TCSA, Baker Al-Maharemeh, says that he believes that many have collected funds in the past for Gaza and such funds have never reached the people of Palestine.  He stated that the opportunity to deliver on such promises is here noting the fact that the Convoy is being facilitated by the Palestinian Embassy. 

The delegation is scheduled to leave from South Africa to Cairo, Egypt, where medical supplies will be bought.  The supplies along with the delegation will then travel via convoy into Gaza. Faizal Sayed of the Faizal Sayed TV Show is part of the delegation hence South Africans can look forward to regular episodes covering the convoy as it progresses. The Show will be covering the process as it occurs.