Faizal Sayed Foundation

The Faizal Sayed Foundation is the official social responsibility outreach program of Television Talk Show Host Faizal Sayed and The Faizal Sayed Show. Ensure to consider the following points when contacting the Foundation.

The Foundation only works on a predetermined number of projects per annum which is determined by the Foundation.

The Foundation does not attend to individual request but that of organizations or projects managed by the Foundation itself.

The Foundation may align itself to a charity campaign to further the needs of such campaign.

Benefactors and Beneficiaries are for the sole discretion of the Foundation.

If you would like to become a donor and contribute to effecting change then you may email us on PublicRelations@FaizalSayed.com

If you wish to be a volunteer at The Faizal Sayed Foundation then you may
You may also email us on PublicRelations@FaizalSayed.com

Prospective volunteers are subject to an application process accompanied by a background check.