Faizal Sayed is the Television Talk Show Host of the acclaimed Faizal Sayed Show broadcast daily in more than 30 Countries.  Faizal Started his media career 20 years ago producing for the SABC and ETV.

The Faizal Sayed Television series  is broadcast daily on a number of platforms.

The Faizal Sayed Show is known for its brutal truths and direct ability to get to the point of any matter.  Faizal has a large social responsibility portfolio through the Faizal Sayed Foundation attending to many children, deaf persons, community outreach and facilitation programs as a philanthropist.  He is also the Ambassador of Hope for DKMS Africa amidst others. His social media is widely followed by tens of thousands and he is considered a key influencer, opinion shaper, industry disruptor, interrupter, mover and shaker.