TV Talk Show Host, Faizal Sayed, Speaks up against Hajj and Umrah Fraud

In a brief press statement this week, TV Talk Show host of The Faizal Sayed Show, A daily TV series, and CEO of Deen TV, has raised his voice and concern about Hajj and Umrah Fraud.  In the brief statement, he challenges alleged fraudster, Shaheed Stakala, who has many complaints against him to an appearance on the show to meet people who he allegedly robbed. Stakala is noted to have responded on Facebook requesting R150,000.00 to appear on the show.  Sayed noted that “there was no way the network was going to pay an alleged fraudster to clear his own name and that this was a diversion tactic”.
Members of the public have been coming forward with documented proof of payments made to the unaccredited operator which will be tabled in an episode dealing with fraudulent operators. The channel said that it will announce the dates of the episode to the public shortly. Members of the public are urged to call 021 2000 602 or email with related enquiries. (Deen TV News)
Watch the press conference here.