Episode 7 – Exploring India with Faizal Sayed

On episode 7, the group visits the precincts of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya in Delhi. The episode focuses on the history of Amīr Khusro.

Ab’ul Hasan Yamīn ud-Dīn Khusrau (1253–1325 CE) better known as Amīr Khusro was a Sufi musician, poet and scholar. He was an iconic figure in the cultural history of the Indian subcontinent. He was a mystic and a spiritual disciple of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya of Delhi. Amīr Khusro is reputed to have invented certain musical instruments like the sitar and tabla. He wrote poetry primarily in Persian, but also in Hindavi. A vocabulary in verse, the Ḳhāliq Bārī, containing Arabic, Persian, and Hindavi terms is often attributed to him.

He is regarded as the “father of Qawwali” (a devotional music form of the Sufis in the Indian subcontinent), and introduced the ghazal style of song into India, both of which still exist widely in India and Pakistan. He is also credited with introducing Persian, Arabic and Turkish elements into Indian classical music.

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