On The Faizal Sayed Show: Gina Clifford- Holmes talks about care for senior citizens

Faizal chats to Gina Clifford Holmes about a new series which introduces ageless grace to senior citizens via television.

Ageless Grace is an anti-ageing fitness programme designed for the body and the brain that almost anyone can do. It uses exercises that are fun, simple and effective, based on neuroscience and play.
Ageless Grace was launched in 2011 by Denise Medved, an experienced fitness specialist with a long interest and research in gerontology. Her goal is to change the model of ageing in the world. She is passionate about helping those with restricted movement learn that they can move again with comfort and ease.

About Ageless Grace & Neuroplasticity Exercises Focused on Anti-Ageing Techniques
Ageless Grace has created 21 simple tools for lifelong comfort and ease. These 21 Tools have creative and imaginative names that are easy to remember and playful to do. They consist of  ‘organic’ movements that come naturally. They not only fire up the body, but they stimulate a body-brain link that positively affects attitude.
The 21 exercises focus on different anti-ageing techniques:
* joint mobility
* spinal flexibility
* eye hand co-ordination
* right-left brain connection
* bone density
* muscle mass
* cognitive function
* balance and fall prevention
* systemic stimulation
* confidence and playfulness
All the tools help activate the main functions of the brain; the ability to plan strategically, to tap into memory and recall, to think analytically, to be creative and imaginative and to incorporate kinesthetic learning through the body.
Music and Exercising
Music is an integral part of the Ageless Grace programme, particularly when you play the music of the era of your class students. It doesn’t matter whether you are young and fit, or older with physical or mental challenges, the moment the music starts and you demonstrate simple movements, the body wants to move as well.
Choose 2-3 tools a day, put on your favourite music for only 10 minutes, follow the 21 day challenge and see how much better you can feel, it will surprise you.

Best News – Exercises Done In A Chair!

Who says you can’t exercise, move or even dance in your favourite chair?
The programme was designed to be done barefoot in a chair for a number of reasons:
No harsh impact: When we are seated there is no harsh impact on our joints or feet so shoes are not needed.  Our feet have over 7,000 nerve endings which are stimulated more effectively when barefoot.
Challenge Your Brain: If someone asked you to play baseball, do yoga, or perform breast stroke while seated, chances are you would have to think how to move your body to make this happen. When you have to figure out how to move your body in a new and different way you are engaging your brain.
Core Strength: It is often easy to ‘cheat’ when standing up and performing an exercise. You can avoid using the parts of your body that aren’t strong by using muscles that are strong – but when you sit in a chair you must use your core muscles. A stronger core makes for a stronger and happier body!
Almost anyone can exercise in a chair: It really levels the playing field. Twisted your ankle? Just had surgery? Do you have limited mobility? Does regular exercise (standing up) make you dizzy? Just sit down and perform the same motions in a chair!

Watch the three part episode online here