Faizal Sayed, now also on DSTV

The popular TV talk Series, The Faizal Sayed Show, hosted by Faizal Sayed will now also air on the DSTV platform in South Africa. The prime time series is aired daily on Channel 152 on Openview HD, 365 StarSat and 365 Star Times throughout the African continent.


The series will only air weekly on Channel 263 on DSTV during Prime time at 18:30 CAT Friday evenings and repeat on Mondays at 10:30 CAT. The hard-hitting, candid and ‘say it all as it is’ discussions with prominent personalities takes on an augmented turn in the new season. In a brief interview with Faizal Sayed, he described the new approach to content as dealing with issues that affect society and ensuring that viewers are inspired by the stories told on the show. “It is all about effecting effective change and realigning aspects in life to new and broader perspectives”, said Sayed.


The series will start on the 5th of August 2016 on DSTV and continue to air in its regular slots on the other platforms. Faizal Sayed also has a live line up of shows presented live with audience at various venues in South Africa with the famed diet expert Professor Time Noakes coming up shortly. Viewers may visit for more information on topics and discussions.

For more information on the show and if you have an inspiring story and wish to appear on the show, you may call +27 21 2000602 or email