An Inspiring Story of a Young Man who is Defining Change in his Community

WATCH | Some Weeks after Faizal’s mom passed he got a call from Sh. Fakhrudien Owaisi. He told Faizal about a young man in Khayelitsha, in Cape Town, by the name of Muhammed Makwetu who is a revert to Islam, studied the Deen and needed further assistance with his Madressa and the setting up of a Feeding Scheme. Sh. Fakhrudien told Faizal that this would be a great project in honour of his late mom. Faizal went out and was so inspired when he met Muhammad that he decided there and then that his Foundation, The Faizal Sayed Foundation, is going to have to get involved and get this project off the ground. Faizal then took Imam Hassen Walele along who told him that he would want to assist. Imam ordered a brand new Pot, stove and is supplying food to be cooked that feeds 80 people per day. A gesture which has catapulted the project forward. Items and equipment was delivered and the Feeding Operation is now operational. But it does not stop there. Watch the video and let us know how you can get involved with Muhammed and his community.

UPDATE: Muhammed Makwetu’s mom passed away on the 22nd December 2019, shortly after the release of this episode.