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WATCH: Coming up – Mentalist, Russell Fox, bends Faizal Sayed’s mind along with some spoons

Coming up on The Faizal Sayed show: Mentalist, Russel Fox

Welcome to the world of Russell Fox, Africa’s most inspirational, influential and Insane Mentalist, Perceptionist and Illusionist.

As a child Russell was born with an array of life challenges, Epilepsy, Asthma, Dyslexia, ADHD and when starting his schooling career he was hit with the discovery of mental disorder that declared him uneducable, which stunted his schooling immensely then later in life he would discover he had to live with a mild form of Turrets.

But with the hard knocks of life came a stubborn will and desire to overcome all that fought to stop him and he did. By Russell taking the time to get know himself he has found ways to over come or work around these challenges that would other wise have stopped him from achieving amazing success.