Faizal Sayed appears on Accidental Muslims Show – Podcast here

Enthusiastic. Persevering. Patient.

In this podcast, Faizal gives us a glimpse into what it takes to run a TV show. As the episode evolves we get to understand the rationale behind his insights and interests. His willingness to share enables us to understand the requisite challenges and skills needed to be in the public eye but more importantly how to handle both success and criticisms.

With a fervent passion for serving the community, this self- styled “crazy maverick” takes us on his journey of success and tells us why he sees it as “the ultimate dedication to a cause.” Faizal’s honesty and meticulous ability to tell a story captivates and inspires, in equal measure, and will no doubt propel you to live, with purpose.


Listen to the Podcast on Accidental Muslims here

Faizal Sayed – CEO of DeenTV – S01E11