Episode 10 – Exploring India with Faizal Sayed

On this episode the group make their way, after a few wrong turns, to Kalyar.

(Rookie (Abu Anees Barkat Ali) or Rookie is named after A Young Army Officer In Royal Indian Engineers (Roorkee Cantt). He Served For Thirteen years only and was boarded out honorably In 1945 For his hermetic practices that he had sensed and perceived irretrievably form Makhdum “Ala-Ud-Din “Ali Ahmad As-Sabir (R.A) (D. 1290 Ce)

Hazrat Makhdoom Alauddin Ali Ahmed Sabir, also known as Sabir Kaliyari (“Patient Saint of Kaliyar”), was a prominent South Asian Sufi saint in the 13th century. He was nephew successor to Baba Fareed (1188–1280), and the first in the Sabiriya branch of the Chishti Order.Today, his dargah (Sufi mausoleum) is at Kaliyar village, near Haridwar.

Hazrat Syyedna Makhdoom Alauddin Ali Ahmed Sabir Kaliyari was born in Herat, a town in Afghanistan on the 17th Shaaban on 19, 512 AH (1196). His father was Syed Abdul Rahim, a descendant of Hazrat Imam Ja’far Sadiq (as) through his grandson Ali ibn Ismail (RA). His mother was Jamila Khatun, the elder sister of Baba Fareed (RA).

He is known as Alauddin Ali Ahmed Sabir Kalyari. The names Ali and Ahmed were exhibited to his mother in dreams. His father gave him the name Alauddin. Sabir was the title given by Baba Fareed Ganj E Sakar. Since his tomb is in Kalyar Sharif he is also known as Kalyari.

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