Channel CEO, Faizal Sayed, Announces worldwide access to Deen TV

Deen TV in South Africa is now available worldwide through live streaming, the Channel’s CEO Faizal Sayed, has announced. Deen TV Live Online was launched this morning from the channel’s head office in Cape Town, South Africa. The channel that has a family lifestyle viewing approach currently broadcast on a number of satellite platforms in South Africa and on the African Continent.

The new development now allows anyone in the world to view Deen TV on their mobile devices; PCs or Smart TVs provided you have an Internet connection. Deen TV broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides a host of programming genres like education, actuality, environment, travel, business and more in the format of documentaries, short films and TV series.

Board Chairman, Mr. Hassim Jogee, based in the channels Durban office said that the channel now reaches the entire world and lots of hard work has gone into the new development and took the opportunity of thanking the entire technical team. Jogee was quoted saying “I am humbly proud of this achievement by the team”. Richard Keller, Director at Creation Labs who is responsible for dealing with Deen TV’s website, said that South Africans in particular are moving towards live streams and IPTV and believed that Deen TV is fairly forward thinking in this regard.

Technical Director of the channel, Ahmed Mohamed expressed his delight noting that the new move signified continual development at the broadcaster. To watch Deen TV Live Online, one will simply need to visit and click on the Deen TV logo located on the top heft hand corner of the site.

Since the launch, the channel has received a spate of comments from the public and community leaders.

“In any technology moving forward is a good thing. More people can be watching Deen TV, 100% backing from me” – Sh. Faheem – ILS

“People are always giving good reviews about the channel so this will be good and beneficial to people” – Ml. Yusuf Gaffar

“Brilliant move, people have been waiting for it. Gives more people access to the channel. Those that can afford the subscription, can in addition now use their mobile devices and will be a pleasure to watch” – Imam Hassen Walele

“I congratulate Deen TV and team for the work they do, they are keeping up with the times” – Ml. Farouk Soofie

For further information, one may contact Deen TV: Call +27 21 2000 602
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