Pokemon Go or Pokemon gone bad – Be on The Faizal Sayed Show

WHATS YOUR THOUGHTS? Pokemon Go or Pokemon gone bad?

Two guest are required on the “Pokemon Go” episode of The Faizal Sayed Show.

Upcoming episode on the illustrious POKEMON GO to find out if this is Pokemon Go or has Pokemon gone bad. You can be a guest on the show.

Guest required (Anyone who is comfortable appearing on TV) who will appear on the show that hates the game and only has negative sentiments and can give numerous reason why he or she believes that this Pokemon GO is bad.

Then we require a guest that loves Pokemon GO, is an addict and happy to come out on TV and say why he or she enjoys being a ‘Pokezom’.

Studio guest will be joined by a Psychologist who will also present view points.

If you would like to be considered as as one of the guest, please do call the studio on +27 21 2000602

Please note that guest need to reside in Cape Town, South Africa and that no request to appear on the show will be handled here. Unfortunately, the production studio requires your call

Please note the following:
1.) Guest to be over the age of 18 years
2.) Studio dates will be given to the guest who have been selected to appear on the show.