More on Modest Muse, the latest newsaper to hit the shelves

Media24 is pleased to announce the launch of a new community title in the News division.

Faizal Sayed called Mushra Hartley, Modest Muses’s Publisher and editor to find out more about the latest publication.

MODEST MUSE has already been running as a successful mobi-site for 2 years and is now extending the brand to the first lifestyle tabloid aimed at the Muslim women of South Africa.

Modest Muse is a unique brand, serving a niche market with very specific needs. It is aimed at adult Muslim women, with a keen interest in fashion, shopping, cooking and prescribed teachings and practices of Islam. It will encourage and advise readers on how to do things in a way that is permissible (“Halal”), and how to overcome issues and obstacles faced by Muslim women living, learning, working and parenting in Western society whilst still trying to uphold their devotion to Islam.

It offers easy to read articles and features from practical advice to real-life inspiration. There will be excellent health, relationship and lifestyle advise, tips to make your life easier, a strong focus on the Islamic month and Sunnah practices, delicious recipes, décor, beauty, Q & A and so much more.

It features real people, real stories and celebrate everyday Muslims doing phenomenal things at home, in the community and in business. The publication is completely free and a first of its kind.

Hartley says: “Based on our market insights, we know that there is a gap in the market for niche content catering to the needs of Muslim Women. We want to inspire readers to embrace their life, their faith and whatever circumstances they are in and be their best and happiest self. Modest Muse has been created for Muslim women, by Muslim women, to enlighten, teach, inspire and educate.”