Faizal Sayed’s Clothing Dropbox Campaign ends with huge success

As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  TV Talk Show Host Faizal Sayed’s summer clothing collection drive dubbed Faizal’s Clothing Dropbox has ended after two months of nationwide support for the drive.

“Thousands of people including children and babies will now benefit from items that many people forgot they had or were no longer in use”, said Faizal in a brief telephonic interview with memebers of the press.

The shows ground staff in Durban did an official hand over the Robin Hood Foundation who expressed extreme delight at the partnership between the campaign and the organisation.  The organisation rooted in social welfare was specifically chosen to manage the distribution of clothing which streamed in from day one of the campaign.  A contingent of media covered the hand over procession in Durban.

“I wish to thank everone from the very bottom of my heart who donated and assisted with this operation. I believe in strategic partnerships between Media be it television and the audience that effectuate positive change and that can make a difference to someone out there”, Said Faizal.

I particularly want to thank Mr  Hassim Jogee and Yovanie Ganesh for managing the processes with ease.

According to the Managing team, the campaign is said to become a yearly operation with plans of expanding the operation and footprint.

More information on the Robin Hood Foundation can be found at