Join Faizal Sayed’s Clothing Dropbox

Faizal Sayed has just launched his Clothing Dropbox campaign attached to The Faizal Sayed Show, Faizal is known to be part of many social upliftment campaigns and operations as he has a deep sense for community issues ranging from challenges facing the youth to awareness around medical assistance for children.

The timing of the campaign, which has launched on the doorstep of summer, is something that many people will find odd. Generally campaigns that entail clothing and blanket collections are heightened during winter. Faizal has taken a different approach for a few reasons. “I believe that the attention to the plight of the poor is slightly lessened during spring and summer periods and rightly to a degree, organizations focus their clothing and blanket relief operations in winter only. The status and condition of the needy does not dramatically increase as the sun starts to shine more. We need to remember that their plight remains a constant and therefore I thought that there must possibly be a way that my show can make a difference whilst at the same time raise awareness around this philosophy’, said Sayed during a campaign briefing. Sayed added that “Many people are altering their wardrobes, taking out their summer gear and coming across items that they have not used or see in ages and so I appeal to those people to send us these items and help us make a difference in the lives of people that are left out on the road irrespective of summer, winter or spring”.

The campaign runs from mid October 2015 to the end of January 2016. Persons wishing to donate are requested to drop their items off at the studios of which details are listed below. Beneficiaries include care homes, orphanages and needy vagrants. One may also follow the campaign progress on Facebook at or twitter @FaizalsayedTV with the hashtag of #ClothingDropbox or call the show’s “clothesline” on +27 (61) 4658473. One may also email the show on

Drop off Points

CAPE TOWN                                               DURBAN

The Faizal Sayed Show                                 Deen TV Studios

Deen TV Studios                                           853 King Cetshwayo Highway

Cnr. of College and Ruth Roads,                  Sherwood

Rylands Estate                                               Durban