Faizal Sayed appointed as Western Cape Head of SAMNET

SAMNET has announced that it has appointed its Western Cape Regional Head.

The need for a representative who is impartial and based in the Western Cape well versed in the inner dynamics and workings of media was required for the challenging position. The decision to appoint media personality and social activist Faizal Sayed for his knowledge and experience within the media sphere was taken by the SAMNET Board.

SAMNET has a focus on keeping media accountable and keeps a proverbial eye out for issues and matters concerning the public.  SAMNET has a strong focus on advocacy, media, lobbying, public relations, networking between communities as well as with other religious, cultural, civil and political organisations focusing on issues of corruption, political, fraudulent occurrences and pertinent matters that have negative effects on society.

“I welcome their decision because of the noble work that SAMNET does and I feel that people in media do have a voice and it should not be abused but rather effectively used to effectuate positive change around the globe irrespective of social, religious or financial backgrounds. We need to stand against anything that is oppressive against any innocent of creation, be that women, child, Muslim, Christian, Jew, White, Black or any other categorisation that exist,” said Sayed. He further said that the work that SAMNET does is important due to its very nature especially fighting against issues which affect the South African public at large.

“Mr Sayed has been a member of SAMNET for some time. We are confident in his appointment to lead the Western Cape component of SAMNET as the organisation grows in its activities and the serving of our communities and the South African public at large. Mr Sayed is well experienced in public relations and work in civil society organisations and we look forward to having him as part of the team to pioneer change,” said Dr Faisal Suliman, Chairperson of SAMNET.