From homeless to successful recording artist

In 2007, only a few people in the UAE knew of the hard times that musician Nader Khan was ­facing.

The Canadian nasheed artist was a cash-strapped business analyst in Dubai internet City and was going though a difficult first marriage – a period he recalls as being exceptionally tough.

Khan managed to get back on his feet when he returned to Canada and remarried. He says his four-year UAE experience provided the inspiration for a collection of devotional songs that would eventually end up on his debut album, Take My Hand.

The 2008 release received acclaim through word of mouth and led to tours of the United Kingdom, North America, South-east Asia and Australia.

Khan has now returned with his follow up, Water. Like its predecessor, the album was recorded without any string instruments, all 15 tracks featuring Khan’s bluesy tenor and percussion.

Khan credits the 1995 Yusuf Islam nasheed album The Life of the Last Prophet, and an English translation of the Sufi poet Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi for providing him with the inspiration to record nasheeds in his own way.  Khan visited Faizal Sayed as a guest on the show to share his life’s journey from being once homeless to success.

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