Interest free banking does exist…

Interest free banking, yes it is true.  On this episode Faizal chats to Dr. Yahia Abdul Rahman from the USA on the concpet of Banking the interest free way.  Dr. Abdul Rahman goes further to advise viewers on how to save and how not get yourself in debt including his take on student loans.  He shares his story to success.

Dr. Yahia Abdul-Rahman is the CEO and Chairman of the Bank of Whittier, as well as the founder and Chairman of American Finance House: LARIBA, which has offered Islamic finance and banking research and instruments since July 1987. He has  more than forty years of highly diversified experience in the banking and oil and gas industries. His area of expertise lies in international, investment, and Islamic banking, project financing, small- and medium-sized business financing, community banking, bank management, and financial services.
Dr. Yahia is the author of many papers on faith-based financing and financial instruments, and he speaks regularly at forums focused on Islamic finance at many universities, including Harvard University and institutions in Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia amongst others.