“My Life Changed Completely” – Tim Noakes tells Faizal Sayed

Tim Noakes recently joined Faizal Sayed in the Deen TV studios to discuss banting, weight loss and the ever popular cookbook that sparked a health movement like never seen before in South Africa, The Real Meal Revolution.

Noakes shared more about his personal road to living a more healthy and fulfilled life and explained how eating a low carb high fat diet can be beneficial to people who are diabetic, insulin resistant, or generally unhealthy in terms of weight control. Furthermore, Noakes addresses the question of good vs bad science, and how he came to his now infamous change of mind with regards to the role of carbohydrates in our diets.

“I changed, and my life changed completely. I basically went back 20 years in terms of my health and my physical ability,” Noakes says about the start of his Real Meal Revolution journey.