Kia Johnson’s new TV Show

Deen TV, Channel 365 on StarSat and 152 on Openview HD has launched a new show centred on upliftment and positive change which will be presented by radio and TV personality Kia Johnson.  Essentially the brainchild of Kia Johnson, she intends to motivate, uplift, get the people of South Africa out of their “negative thinking ruts” and give people the opportunity to see past and over the walls and boxes in which they encase themselves she said in an interview. Kia Said that She hopes to achieve this by introducing viewers to individuals who despite their own hardships are rising to the occasion and pioneering projects to effectuate positive change. From soup kitchens to skills classes there are people taking action and being that stepping-stone in every community and this program seeks to bring that to light.

According to the Channel CEO, Faizal Sayed, ‘Life with KJ’ differs from other shows in that unlike other depictions or stories in the media it does not focus on the bad nor is it highlighting the unfavourable conditions but rather the other side, where hope is present. It is a show about empowerment. Each episode will allow viewers to experience these lesser known stories and treasures in our society.

The show is hands on as Kia Johnson and the Deen TV film crew travel around and go into various communities. Kia and the team are on the ground mixing with the people and partaking in workshops giving viewers a clear picture as they journey with them not only into various localities but also into the lives of these individuals as they reveal their stories, inspirations and vision for society. Jody Khan, a member of the Deen TV production team said, “I got to meet people in the communities while filming and was truly inspired by what people who seemingly have nothing are achieving in communities, the magnitude and the willingness to give and work towards a brighter future. Hopefully viewers will have the same experience we’ve had.” He added that the show is an “eye-opener” and “definitely a must-see.”

Kia told Deen Media that she hopes through this show, to encourage nation building and create a community of people who are positive about life in this country and feel that they can rise above any situation and circumstance. “People are going through so many struggles every day, most of which we don’t even see. Hopefully this will open our eyes to how enriched we are in our own lives and maybe take a step back and be thankful. We can be so ungrateful as people and human beings and we tend to focus on the negative, but if I can just show people that if these people can rise up and do what they’re doing then most certainly you can too.” Said Kia.