Winston Chong, from Dragon Power to Black Sails

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Faizal chats to muaythai specialist and actor, Winston Chong.


Winston Chong was born in Botswana in 1970, he then moved to Hong Kong where he resided for
almost a decade, while studying the martial arts form of Kung –Fu under Masters Liang Dong Sheng
and Samuel Kwok.

Winston Chong moved to Cape Town, his hometown at the age of eleven. Winston
Chong received the martial arts title of Sibak and he’s fighting nickname became the “Tiger”
representing his strength as well as his gracefulness.
In 1993 Winston Chong worked alongside his brother Sifu Quentin Chong where he assisted in the
launching of the Dragon Power Kwoon. In a Kwoon there may only be one master, Sifu, therefore
putting truth to Winston’s title as Sibak as the older assistant master.
The Dragon Power Kwoon inspired Winston to travel to Thailand where he trained Muaythai under
the experienced head trainer of the World Muaythai Council ( WMC) camp Koh Samui, Manop
Masweichen(Nong). By 1998 the WMC acknowledged his qualification in full Muaythai techniques as
well as sports and strength training. After further extensive training Winston Chong earned the title
of Superfight Champion in Chaweng Stadium, Koh Sumui.
Winston Chong returned to South Africa where he continued his role as Sibak at the Dragon Power
Kwoon, which had now expanded to larger premises in Green Point Cape Town. Winston helped train
his brother Sifu Quentin “Dragon” Chong through his intensive training to defend Quentin’s title of
World Muaythai Champion, which he no doubt achieved.
In 2003 Winston challenged himself to become part of the “Power Team” which consisted of ten
people attempting to set a new world record for pulling a double decker bus without stopping, over a
5.5km stretch with a one hour time limit. Which the team achieved.
In 2003 Winston began assisting in training the South African Muaythai team and he still continues to
do. Winston constantly gives back to the local community, training underprivileged kids from the
Amy Biehl foundation.
Winston Chong has appeared on TV advertisements for Hyundai and Motorola. He has also appeared
in films such as “Wake of Death” as well as featuring in “Black Sails” which is set to release in 2014.
Winston has filmed alongside his brother Quentin as well as movie stars such as Jean Claude Van
Damme and Simon Yam.