What is Brain Entrainment

On The Faizal Sayed Show:

Change can be hard, but thanks to modern technology you can now make it happen a lot easier than you might have thought. Everybody knows that you have to change your thoughts and habits if you want to improve your emotional well-being and your life, but when the chips are down finding the strength to make an effort to feel happier can be difficult.However you cannot move forward or break free from your negative habits and negative thought processes unless you learn how to control your emotions. Most people have been led to believe that in order to change their bad habits, behaviours and negative thinking patterns you have to try to change them directly by will power.

When most people become stuck in a negative place they want to escape from, they try to force themselves to think and behave differently. The problem with this approach is our old patterns of thinking which we have grown up with control every aspect of our lives, your mind has come accustomed to this patterns of thinking and it believes they serve you well.

That brings us to the concept of Brain Entrainment.  Faldila Gierdien a quantum life coach, is going to tell us how to unlock that power of change.