Defining Modest Wear

On The Faizal Sayed Show: Wardah Daniels of fashion design house, Precious Rose, chats to Faizal Sayed about the latest trends in modest wear.

Wardah Daniels and her daughter Thameenah are local fashion designers. Wardah tells us how it all began.

“Coming from a home where if your clothing didn’t match you were looked at strangely, my MOM was my inspiration”, says Wardahs. Always taking great care in what she wears, how she assembles her outfits and the garments she purchases to build her wardrobe, so as not to waste. Collecting classic pieces which she could wear year after year and still be in style.

Wardah’s maternal aunt, is a designer and dressmaker, and from a very young age she was always so fascinated at how she would put together a stunning garment from a piece of fabric that looked like nothing; in record time!

“Even though designing was not even in my choice of studies, as I was taught it wouldn’t pay the bills, and I always felt it definitely did not get the respect it deserved, I had a creative side and interest therein. After starting a family, I decided to invest in my first pattern making course and sewing machine”, said Daniels.

“I made clothing for the entire family including my little buddle of joy Thameenah, but not long after; my other studies became just too demanding and I was no longer able to pursue my creative passion”, says Daniels

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