It’s time to spring-clean your skin!

Cleansing the skin is essential to any skincare routine, given that in winter the skin gets dull and the pores are blocked as a result of using too much makeup and lack of proper exposure to the sun.
Spring is when the days get longer and the temperature is high, off go the sweaters and boots and on come the shorts and sandals. “Winter might be the worst season for skin, it is the season for dry, dull, flaky, and sometimes even red and inflamed skin,” said dermatologist Dr. Sarah Abdulhakeem. “The first thing I always tell women is to get a proper Moroccan Hammam so they can exfoliate their skin from head to toe and then use proper moisturizers and oil to solve the problems that were caused in the cold season,” she added.
It is very important to wash off makeup and properly cleanse the skin before bedtime. “If I could give women one advice, it would be to remove their makeup and wipe off their deodorant before they hit the sack,” said Dr. Abdulhakeem. “When sleeping, the skin renews and recharges itself, so make-up and deodorant, pollution and oily deposits will block pores and cause infection and irritation if they’re not removed,” she added.
Skincare routine should change according to season, according to Dr. Abdulhakeem. “When it’s summer, the skin needs more SPF, lighter and soothing creams to protect the skin from chlorine and the sun. In winter, the skin needs lots of exfoliation, moisturizers and oils that will keep the skin hydrated and healthy in the cold dry weather,” she said.
Wearing sandals demands pretty toes and soft heels. “The best thing to do is to use white petroleum jelly on the very roughest, toughest areas of skin, such as heels, elbows, and knees, especially at night and then wear white cotton socks,” said the dermatologist. “When doing house chores, women should always wear rubber gloves after applying moisturizer because nothing would harm the hands more than the cleaning chemicals and too much water,” she added.
Laser hair removal is the best thing to do, and women should follow strict rules. “This should be done one week after the whole body exfoliation when the skin is fresh and moist. This step will help remove the ingrown hair and the dry skin cells,” said Dr. Abdulhakeem. “After the hair removal, women should treat the irritated skin with care, I usually advice them to apply essential oils such as almond oil,” she added.
Women need to exactly know their skin type. “I am surprised that many women don’t know what their skin type is and choose their face products according to their friends’ recommendations,” said Dr. Abdulhakeem. “I highly recommend women to consult with their doctors on what is good for them before spending their money on things that might not help them, or worse, might damage their skin,” she added.
Facials are essential; if it is possible it should be done at the clinic and not at the spa. “A facial done at the spa is for relaxation and it does not fix your face problems. Spas use luxurious products that are not necessarily clinically proven,” said Dr. Abdulhakeem. “No one will understand your skin problems like your doctor, this will help your skin improve in no time; get a facial done at least twice a month,” she added.
Watch your diet and change it to the better. “You need to focus on getting a healthy body inside and out. Drink plenty of water and take vitamin supplements to help your hair, skin and nails before spring,” said the dermatologist. “Focus on eating your daily intake of dark green leaves, vegetables, sweet fruits and citrus for the perfect skin,” she added.
“In conclusion, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing twice daily, every day, and then adding a facial steam with or without a mask about once weekly is probably one of the easiest ways to ease skin into spring and summer,” according to Dr. Abdulhakeem.