Professor Tim Noakes, What Is All The Fuss About?

Professor Tim Noakes is a respected South African sports scientist, who’s been championing a high fat, moderate protein diet as an effective solution to pre-diabetes – a lifestyle disease he himself was diagnosed with a few years ago. The new eating plan he embarked on – which entails eating protein and high-fat food and avoiding carbs – has had astounding results, and he claims he’s the fittest and healthiest he’s been in 20 years.

Noakes is incredibly pragmatic, and charismatic to boot, and it’s hard not to be swayed by what he has to say in his new book, The Real Meal Revolution. He’s quick to add though that the eating plan he’s championing is not a short term diet or a quick fix for that matter, it’s a complete lifestyle change which means changing your attitude towards food, drink and exercise.

Prof. Tim Noakes chats to Faizal about the diet and his latest book.